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More than bleachers…

Here at the Bleacher Guys we take pride in offering a wide variety of outdoor and indoor seating products. With more than just bleachers coming out of our shop, we also offer players benches, park benches, picnic tables, fold and go bleachers, tip and roll bleachers, grandstands as well as a variety of accessible products.


The Bleacher Guys maintain the highest standards in design and manufacturing to fit the finest quality of indoor and outdoor seating.


With more than 40 years in the industry, we promise our services will lead to the best possible outcome for all clientele.


We expertise in building solutions to suit any application. For parties of all sizes, we will find a solution to fit the need.

Our Clients

We take value within in our wide variety of clients of municipalities, fair boards,
universities, colleges and the private sector. All clientele are unique and it is our
objective to suit all needs of any client.